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Angel Core

Title: Angel Core
Japanese Title: ANGEL CORE ~天使たちの住処~
Synonyms: Angel Core: Tenshi-tachi no Sumika
Episodes: 2
Released Date: Jan 25, 2003 till Apr 25, 2003

This first entry in the Angel Core series follows a young soldier (fighting for a fictional, futuristic empire) as he’s transferred to a secret military installation, where’s he surprised to discover that his new job will be having sex with gorgeous young “Angels,” a group of genetically unique women who need regular intercourse to nurture their powers.

Kangoku Senkan


Title: Kangoku Senkan
Japanese Title: 監獄戦艦
Synonyms: Prison Battleship
Episodes: 4
Released Date: May 23, 2009 till Dec 30, 2010

Lieri Bishop, an up-and-coming New Solars Commander and her aide, Major Naomi Evans board a battleship to earth to report the Neo Terrors’ crimes to the Universal Federation. The captain of the ship who is of the Neo Terrors, Donny Bogan, has had a grudge on them since four years ago when they had sabotaged a kidnapping mission on earth and got him arrested. So he has his chance and brainwashes them. Now when the lights change in the battleship, their personalities switches to one that suits the crew and thats when the “sexual” party begins…

Shintaisou: Kari

Title: Shintaisou (Kari) The Animation: Yousei-tachi no Rondo
Japanese Title: 新体操(仮) THE ANIMATION ~妖精たちの輪舞曲[ロンド]~
Synonyms: Princess 69
Episodes: 4
Released Date: Oct 25, 2002 till Aug 22, 2003

* Based on the erotic game by Panda House.

Intrigued by the hot erotic potential of the Gymnastics of Darkness, the board chairman’s granddaughter Tomomi helps Nikusuke pick unwilling ladies to be their first students. These young ladies are forced to learn the meaning of excruciating pleasure under Nikusuke’s gymnastic training…


Dorei Maid Princess


Title: Dorei Maid Princess
Japanese Title: 奴隷メイドプリンセス
Episodes: 4
Released Date: May 26, 2007 till May 1, 2009

Based on the game by Black-Lilith.

Taken prisoner by the main character, battle princess Lotte has ended training to be a slave made in order to prolong her life. Slave maids are specially trained maids traded among the noblemen. While providing sexual services, they also live by working as guards who put their lives on the line for the protection of their masters, making them very valued to both royalty and noblemen. The battle princess loses her virginity and has to endure dirty and degrading training in order to turn her whole body into a sex toy.

Source: ANN

Futago no Haha Seihonnou

Title: Futago no Haha Seihonnou
Japanese Title: 双子(フタゴ)ノ母(ハハ)性本能
Synonyms: Menage a Twins
Episodes: 2
Released Date: May 25, 2005 till Aug 25, 2005

One day, Minoru received an e-mail sending to the wrong address. It was the first accident. It was sent by a woman named Akane. Somehow, he felt as if he knew her, but he couldn’t understand why he felt so. The next accident happened. When he and Tomoe went home after shopping, they happened to see Akane. Looking at Akane, Tomoe put on a grave face. Putting him between them, they looked at each other. Their encounter is just an accident or intentional? Being disclosed their relations, Minori lost his calmness, and couldn’t help devouring their sexual bodies.

(Source: AnimeNfo)

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