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Title: Aneimo
Japanese Title: あねいも
Synonyms: Square Sisters
Total Episodes: 2
Released Date: Aug 25, 2008 till Dec 25, 2008

Takumi lives next to Mizuki and Satsuki’s house. They have been good friends since they were kids, going shopping and skiing together. One day, Kazuyoshi, Takumi’s father, brings two girls, Saori and Yui, back to their house, and accepts them as new family members. At first, he is confused, but gradually becomes closer to them…

Dekakute Ecchi na Ore no Ane


Title: Dekakute Ecchi na Ore no Ane
Japanese Title: デカくてエッチな俺の姉
Episodes: 1
Released Date: Dec 20, 2013

Based on the adult PC game by Marine (brand of Marigold).

After a long absence, Shunsuke returns home at the invitation of his older sisters. He learns that his sisters suffer from a rare condition: they have abnormally strong sexual desires resulting from a disease. Now, Shunsuke must do whatever he can to improve their health.


Mrs. Junkie

Title: Mrs. Junkie
Japanese Title: ミセスジャンキー
Synonyms: Consenting Adultery
Total Episodes: 2
Released Date: Feb 25, 2006 till Jan 25, 2007

Hayami Kouta is the superintendent at an apartment building, where two busty and very horny housewives reside. Whenever the ladies are feeling particularly unsatisfied with their husbands, they call upon Kouta for some personalized handywork. Thinking he’s making mere service calls, Kouta innocently arrives at the ladies’ apartments. But it doesn’t take long for Kouta to catch on that it’s the ladies that require the maintenance. Fortunately for Kouta, he’s got the right tools for the job.

(Source: AniDB)

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