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Cherry & Gal’s↑↑

Title: Cherry & Gal’s↑↑
Episodes: 2
Released Date: Feb 9, 2018 till Mar 9, 2018

A young schoolgirl, Ruruna, finds herself in the wrong group of friends who only talk about their sexual escapades. Not having any experience, she feels left out. Her friend Ria says: “Hey, why don’t you try having sex with my little brother? I do it all the time!” They end up both having their way with the poor boy…

Elena, Ruruna and Ria’s schoolmate, while going to a compensated date, notices a cute little boy on a train, whom she decides to tease a little. When she arrives to the place, to her surprise, he turns out to be the one she arranged the meeting with. Realising he doesn’t have any means to pay her, she decides to go all the way with him for free.


Juvenile Pornography The Animation

Title: Juvenile Pornography The Animation
Japanese Title: ジュヴナイル・ポルノグラフィ THE ANIMATION
Episodes: 1
Released Date: Dec 1, 2017

As the sun filters through the trees, a beautiful woman is absorbed in her book. She reads the tale of a girl who is honest about her desires, a girl who writhes in boundless pleasure.

“Hey, let’s have sex.”

Who’s speaking? Is it the girl in the story or the woman who’s reading it? The truth is that something even more erotic than the book’s story awaits!

Source: Hanime



Title: Implicity
Episodes: 2
Released Date: Sep 22, 2017 till Nov 24, 2017

*Based on manga by Higashiyama Show.

A married couple lose their wedding ring – which gets picked up by a teen prostitute in the slums. She wants to sell it and use that money to start fresh but, as it turns out, that won’t be as straightforward as sucking dick.

Source: Hentai Haven

Mayohiga no Onee-san The Animation


Title: Mayohiga no Onee-san The Animation
Japanese Title: マヨヒガのお姉さん THE ANIMATION
Episodes: 1
Released Date: Jul 7, 2017

“Mayohiga”: An illusionary house that bestows wealth upon lost travelers, unlike houses in the mysterious and slightly eerie stories of legend. In this modern retelling, Mayohiga is a cafe staffed by beautiful Onee-san.

However, unchanged from the tales of old, Mayohiga appears only to a chosen few, and those who enter are thoroughly “engulfed in pleasure”. These lewd yet gentle Onee-san await your patronage!

Source: hanime

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