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Nihikime no Dozeu

Ikusa Otome Valkyrie

Title: Ikusa Otome Valkyrie
Japanese Title: 戦乙女ヴァルキリー
Alternative Title: Ride of the Valkyrie
Episodes: 2
Released Date: Dec 24, 2004 till Jan 28, 2005

* Based on a game by Lune

Midgard, otherwise known as the world of humans, exists between the realm of the Norse gods and the land of the demons. It is the battleground of celestial beings and devilish monsters, with valkyries, the virgin warriors of legend, standing on the side of men.

An evil plot is hatched, involving the capture of one of the foremost valkyries and her total enslavement. She is to be repeatedly violated into sexual submission, ultimately serving and servicing a general of her sworn enemies.

Houkago 2: Saiyuri

Title: Houkago 2: Saiyuri
Japanese Title: 放課後2 ~紗由理~
Episodes: 1
Released Date: Jul 25, 2008

* Based on a game by Bishop.

Ryuichi’s first sex doesn’t go well and he can’t get an erection since then. He starts to work at a girl’s high school as a janitor but his work attitudes are terrible, so his dismissal is decided. When he is depressed to hear that, he meets Midori. And he gets an erection while talking to her. He can’t stand it and rapes her. He has only one month to go so he decides to spend his time at school raping as many girls as possible….

Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro


Title: Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro
Japanese Title: そらのいろ, みずのいろ
Total Episodes: 2
Released Date: Jul 28, 2006 till Jun 27, 2008

* Based on the game by Ciel, featuring illustrations by Tony Taka.

Asa & Natsume are both in love with Hajime Saisho. Instead of fighting over him, they both promised to share him equally. However, both girls have to leave him by the end of the summer. As the summer days go by, they each spend their precious time with Hajime, while the day of their fated departure draws near.

(Source: ANN)

Oppai Heart: Kanojo wa Kedamono Hatsujouki!?


Title: Oppai Heart: Kanojo wa Kedamono Hatsujouki!?
Japanese Title: おっぱいハート~彼女はケダモノ発情期ッ!?~
Total Episodes: 2
Released Date: Oct 28, 2011 till Feb 24, 2012

* Based on the game by Bishop.

Akino Miya is Student Council President and very popular. Not only is she beautiful and busty, but she also has a naive and clumsy side which is especially endearing. She is also very affectionate towards her brother Ryuuya, who offsets her flightiness by virtue of being a practical person.

One day, the two of them, along with the other members of the Student Council, accidentally drink “Wild Juice”, a drug developed by teacher Makihara Rieko. Turns out that Wild Juice is a very powerful aphrodisiac…

~ translated and adapted from official site by Cranston

Kotowari: Kimi no Kokoro no Koboreta Kakera

Title: Kotowari: Kimi no Kokoro no Koboreta Kakera
Japanese Title: 理 -コトワリ- ~キミの心の零れた欠片~
Total Episodes: 2
Released Date: Mar 29, 2013 till May 31, 2013

* Based on the erotic game by C:Drive.

Mishiro Tamanashi can see the spiritual being called Sanshishi. Ever since he met this entity, his life has changed.

Source: Hentaitake

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