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The protagonist forces a love interest who is already in a relationship with a third party into a physical relationship, and the love interest comes to like it over time, thus either cheating or breaking up with their original partner.

Tsumamigui 3 The Animation 4.84/5 (88)

Title: Tsumamigui 3 The Animation
Japanese Title: 妻みぐい3 THE ANIMATION
Episodes: 2
Released Date: Sep 30, 2016 to Jun 30, 2017

Akito Natsuki decides to spend his one month long summer holiday in his home town after his workplace closes down for renovations. With no money and nothing to do he decides to take it easy.

At home Miyuri, his sister-in-law he was once fond of, and Sayoko who always treated him like her own son, were waiting for him. Akito tried to hide his feelings as always and acted out the part of the brother-in-law, but after a slip of the tongue his real feelings are revealed. Then his stagnant relationships with Miyuki and Sayoko start to develop again, and eventually he gets deeply involved with them.

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Ayatsuri Haramase DreamNote 4.73/5 (26)

Title: Ayatsuri Haramase DreamNote
Synonyms: Ayatsuri Haramase Dream Note
Episodes: 2
Aired: May 27, 2011
Kensuke and Ayumu have known each other since childhood. It wasn’t until recently that they realized that they had feelings for each other that were much more than friends. While working in a PC Software company as a salesman, Kensuke is told to work at another branch due to a shortage of manpower. The big catch here is that he won’t be able to live at his apartment anymore so that he can easily commute to his new job.

That being said, he won’t be able to see Ayumu for a very long time, but she’s been sweet enough to watch over his apartment while he’s gone. Well, you know what they say about long distance relationships; after a good amount of time has passed, Kensuke is in a mixture of loneliness and paranoia. He’s missing Ayumu, but also doubting why a woman like her would stick around for a guy like him. To add more confusion to the fire he’s come across four women around his new work that give him more temptation that he can bare.

Will our hero hold out for love, or will he give into the pressures?

(Source: White Masq)

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