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Shoujo Kyouiku 4.51/5 (637)

Title: Shoujo Kyouiku
Episodes: 2
Released Date: May 1, 2015 to Jul 3, 2015

The protagonist is in his thirties and is a teacher at a girl’s school. Not even having dated before and his dream of marriage being a distant memory, he only wished to train his students well and help them graduate successfully. It was at that time that he was transferred to another school as part of a school district reorganization brought about by the declining birthrate. He thought that things would like before, until he realized that there was a girl in his class which didn’t show up on the class roster.

One day, due to a prank played by her, he was suspected of being a pervert by the rest of the students. Thus begins his relationship with three girls with communication problems who haven’t adjusted to the class and a ghost.

(Source: VNDB)


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Houkago Nyannyan 4.57/5 (14)

Title: Houkago Nyannyan
Synonyms: Houkago Nyan Nyan
Episodes: 1
Aired: Dec 16, 2011

The first story is about an unnamed schoolgirl who has heard a lot about sex, but lacks any experience whatsoever. Interested in everything, she asks her underclassman Yu to masturbate in front of her. It doesn’t take long before the two shake of their embarrassment and do more than just masturbating for each other.

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Maki-chan to Nau 4.53/5 (66)

Title: Maki-chan to Nau
Total Episodes:
Aired: Feb 24, 2012 to

Based on the visual novel by Waffle.

Sanjou Maki is the girl living next door to Sakonji Seiichi. She appears to be well-bred, gifted with both beauty and brains. However, one night, Seiichi sees her masturbating on the veranda…

Maki easily admits that she’s a dirty girl and jokingly suggests to Seiichi that she should be blackmailed into being his sex-slave.

(Source: translated and adapted from official site by Cranston)


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