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Onna Kyoushi

Title: Onna Kyoushi
Synonyms: Hot Juicy Teacher
Episodes: 3
Aired: Dec 25, 2002 to Aug 25, 2003

This explicit anime takes place at an unusual school in which sex between students and, above all, with teachers, seems to be the norm rather than the exception. This first volume of the aptly named HOT JUICY TEACHER series focuses on Yuichiro, a formerly good-natured student who has turned twisted since being falsely accused of rape at a previous school. At his new school, he encounters a group of perverted, abusive bullies, some of their victims, and any number of extremely attractive and libidinous young instructors. Excellent character design and quality animation set this apart from the genre’s many similar titles.

(Source: AniDB)

Castle Fantasia

Title: Castle Fantasia
Synonyms: Seima Taisen Castle Fantasia, Castle Fantasia: Seima Taisen
Episodes: 3
Aired: Apr 25, 2003 to Oct 25, 2003

A young knight named Varu has a very beautiful girlfriend and is very happy with her. However, one day their kingdom get involved in a war, and the girl’s parents die in it. After some time, an unknown religious organization appears in the city. Varu’s girlfriend is in such a grief after the death of her parents, that she decides the world has nothing to offer to her, joins the adepts of the new religion, and leaves the city. Varu becomes very depressed after this separation, but when he learns the religious group which took away his girlfriend became an evil cult that kidnaps girls and seeks resurrection of demons. But even more awful is the fact his ex-girlfriend is now the leader of this cult…

Private Emotion

Title: Private Emotion
Synonyms: Dirty Thoughts
Episodes: 2
Aired: Mar 25, 2003 to Jul 25, 2003

Professor Sayaka is a popular new girl on campus. She’s well-liked and friendly to everyone. In fact, she’s a little too friendly, in the dean’s mind. She’s a shameless flirt and needs to be put in her place. Maybe he’s right. During Sayaka’s last teaching position, she fell in love with Shin, one of her students, and the scandal forced her to move on to another college.

(Source: AniDB)

Tower of Etruria

Title: Tower of Etruria
Episodes: 2
Aired: Jun 25, 2003 to May 25, 2004

* Based on the manga by Hiyo Hiyo.

Princess Cecelia was kidnapped by a witch, Etruria, and she was confined into the tower. The king proposed that if someone would save her from the witch he would let her marry him. A knight named Albion accepted the proposition. Whether would Albion beat the monsters living in the tower to get the top of the tower where the princess was confined? What would become of Princess Cecelia and Knight Albion?

Source: AnimeNfo

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