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Magical Twilight

Title: Magical Twilight
Synonyms: Majikaru, The HeX Files
Episodes: 3
Aired: Jul 8, 1994 to Jul 21, 1995

Tsukasa Tachibana is just a regular guy… until the day he is selected as the test subject of three witches undergoing their final exams. The first witch is Chipple. Her task is to make Tsukasa like her. The second witch is Irene. She is assigned the same task, except Irene believes that the way to Tsukasa’s heart is through carnal pleasures. And so Irene tries to get Tsukasa to do it with her at every opportunity. The third witch is Liv. Her assignment is to kill Tsukasa. It’s an all-out competition between the three witches, and Tsukasa is the prize!


Mahou Shoujo Meruru

Title: Mahou Shoujo Meruru
Synonyms: Magic Woman M
Episodes: 2
Aired: Jan 21, 1997 to Apr 25, 1998

A newly trained young sorceress name Meruru gets lost in the forest in the middle of the training, and has numerous lurid encounters with unsavory characters and lustful beasts. When aroused, Meruru attains the state of ultimate ecstasy and unleashes an explosive power from within.

(Source: Wikipedia)


Lunatic Night

Title: Lunatic Night
Episodes: 3
Aired: Sep 21, 1996 to Sep 26, 1997

Humankind has almost reached extinction. Only one male remains, with two females and a human-like catgirl. Of course, the labor now is to repopulate Earth, so the male has to do his job. But along with having sex almost every day they have to reclaim lands of another species living on the Earth, so the sex-battles must commence.

(Source: ANN)


Title: Rance
Synonyms: Rance: Sabaku no Guardian / Desert Guardian Lance
Episodes: 2
Aired: Jul 22, 1994

Based on the game by Alice Soft.

While Rance might well be one of the best swordsmen in the world, he has the personality of a rancid turd. He is narcissistic, lecherous, abusive and almost without any redeeming social graces. And his underclad and overabused slavegirl Shira knows this, but she is still in love with him. One day Rance is hired to defend a dusty and forsaken desert village from the repeated attacks of scantly clad and oversexed sorceress intent on the resurrection of a long forgotten deamon.

(Source: AniDB)

Dragon Knight

Title: Dragon Knight
Episodes: 1
Aired: Oct 25, 1991

Magic swords, damsels in distress… and an instant camera?

It’s cold steel and hot babes as our morally impaired young knight must rescue multiple damsels in distress imprisoned in an enchanted castle by an army of demons. Pausing only for a quick click of his trusy camera’s shutter, the young lasses struggle to cover their lithesome charms. Yea, the shining spirit of chivalry has never been so disgraced as by this knave in his ebdless search for fast gold and faster women.

Yet, is it possible to believe that even this rogue, this pillar of impropriety, might still discover the true meaning of the word “love,” risking all his ill-gotten gains to save the life of the one woman who has become his friend? the tale will be told (and even more tails exposed) in this sizzling sex, sword, and sorcery romp, based on the adult video game that took Japan by storm!

(Source: AniDB)

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