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Ayatsuri Haramase DreamNote

4.76/5 (25)

Title: Ayatsuri Haramase DreamNote
Synonyms: Ayatsuri Haramase Dream Note
Episodes: 2
Aired: May 27, 2011

Kensuke and Ayumu have known each other since childhood. It wasn’t until recently that they realized that they had feelings for each other that were much more than friends. While working in a PC Software company as a salesman, Kensuke is told to work at another branch due to a shortage of manpower. The big catch here is that he won’t be able to live at his apartment anymore so that he can easily commute to his new job.

That being said, he won’t be able to see Ayumu for a very long time, but she’s been sweet enough to watch over his apartment while he’s gone. Well, you know what they say about long distance relationships; after a good amount of time has passed, Kensuke is in a mixture of loneliness and paranoia. He’s missing Ayumu, but also doubting why a woman like her would stick around for a guy like him. To add more confusion to the fire he’s come across four women around his new work that give him more temptation that he can bare.

Will our hero hold out for love, or will he give into the pressures?

(Source: White Masq)

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Kininaru Kimochi

4.88/5 (26)

Title: Kininaru Kimochi
Episodes: 4
Aired: Apr 29, 2004 to Aug 11, 2006

Contains three sexy elevator stories!

Illusional Elevator
Rikako Sawada was there for an interview, not knowing she was getting more! Told to change into an elevator girl’s uniform, she waited in the elevator as a man stepped in. Right after the door closed, the man started molesting Rikako! What will happen to her? Will she get the job?

Wife in the Box
The elevator stops suddenly. Trapped inside are a housewife and a salary-man. The man had pictured her naked body, and imagined having her. Surprised at first, the housewife would gradually scream in delight. Will the two be all right in the closed elevator…?

Pervert Brassiere
When the cursed bra is worn, the wearer would be molested and raped; however, the curious Yoko tradeed it for her own bra, not knowing what would happen. Inside the company elevator on her way home, the molesting and rape begin. Is it the magic power of the curse or the power of lewdness and lust?

(Source: RightStuf)

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Mofuku Tsuma

4.88/5 (25)

Title: Mofuku Tsuma
Synonym: Birei Okami Mie
Episodes: 2
Aired: Oct 29, 2010 – Apr 22, 2011

Honami’s husband, an older man named Satoshi, died in their honeymoon. Honami’s dream for a happy family with him is crushed but that’s not all the trouble she has to face. Satoshi’s sister, Kayoko, sees Honami as responsible for his death and believes that she killed him so she can inherit his fortune. Now she plans on taking revenge and driving Honami away. Manabu, who was raised by Kayoko now finds himself pushed to help her on her revenge but Honami is still dedicated on fulfilling Satoshi’s family dream with what is left from his family even if she has to take Kayoko’s hate.

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