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The Rapeman

4.83/5 (23)

Title: The Rapeman
Episodes: 2
Aired: Oct 28, 1994

The main character and “anti-hero”, The Rapeman, is a high school teacher by day and dispenses his surreal brand of “justice” at night under the business “Rapeman Services”, which is co-run with his uncle, a former surgeon. He uses rape as his weapon. The business’ motto is “Righting wrongs through penetration”.

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Hana Dorei

4.85/5 (20)

Title: Hana Dorei
Synonyms: Slaves to Passion
Episodes: 2
Aired: Aug 10, 2001 to Nov 9, 2001

An art pupil sees how his teacher uses his wife for bizarre sex games.

After his teacher is killed, the pupil decides to take his teacher’s place when it comes to sex games with the hot and now widowed wife. However, this sort of act won’t lead to anything good.

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4.51/5 (39)

Title: Gibo
Synonyms: Stepmother’s Sin
Episodes: 2
Aired: Oct 5, 2001 to Jan 11, 2002

Yusuke’s been very naughty. He’s seduced his father’s fiancee; transforming her into a debased slave to his own twisted desires. But as his hold on her tightens, his sanity slips, and the forbidden family fun descends into a nightmare of lust! Trapped in madness of their own creation, they will pay the ultimate price for a stepmother’s sin!

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