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Oppai Gakuen Marching Band Bu!

4.67/5 (27)

Title: Oppai Gakuen Marching Band Bu!
Episodes: 1
Aired: Oct 24, 2014

An average boy receives one day a special camera from a mysterious, massively-endowed girl in a bunny suit. This camera has the ability to make any girl photographed with it unbearably horny, deepening their erotic agony with each picture you take. And when the sexual tension finally boils over, the only way to quench these uniformed vixens’ thirst is by having them service you with their enormous breasts!

(Source: J-List)

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4.8/5 (44)

Title: Spocon!
Synonyms: Sportswear Complex
Episodes: 2
Aired: Sep 26, 2014 to Oct 31, 2014

Tatsuya excelled at all sports during his school years. Now instead of being an athlete, he trains to be a coach at his former teacher’s school Academy Josho. However, the leader of the swimming club Katsumi tried to seduce him in order to improve her results by any means. He opposed her actions, but could it be that the elite players from other clubs also have the same plan!?

(Source: Hau~ Omochikaeri!)

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Mujaki no Rakuen

4.59/5 (44)

Title: Mujaki no Rakuen
Synonyms: Paradise of Innocence
Episodes: 3
Aired: Aug 29, 2014 to August 29, 2016

Shouta, a 25-year-old NEET, is mocked by his former female classmates who’ve all become successes, at their class reunion. A mysterious incident at the school pool throws him back in time and lets him deal with those same classmates back when they were fifth grade girls.

(Source: MU)

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