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Five Ways

Labels are Wide Road, Honnybit(?), Blue Moon and Creamy Doll.

Tragic Silence: Shoujo Yugi

4.6/5 (10)

Title: Tragic Silence: Shoujo Yugi
Synonyms: Shoujo Yuugi, Girl’s Game
Episodes: 1
Aired: Feb 18, 2003

Luticia is a vampire. However, she has fallen in love with her childhood friend, a human named Shou. She is afraid that their love will not be able to overcome their differences… Rick, a vampire from Luticia’s clan, is murdered by a woman from Shou’s village. Rick had been having an affair with her, and the vampires are enraged to find out that Rick has been sleeping with humans instead of preying on them. Regardless, the clan starts planning to revenge the murder of their own kind. Humans are also enraged to discover the existence of vampires in the vicinity, and they are also planning to find and destroy the vampires! What will happen to Luticia and Shou? Will their love survive the hatred between their people? A tragic love story, spiced with loads of hot, steamy, hardcore sex!!


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Hiiro no Koku

4.24/5 (42)

Title: Hiiro no Koku
Synonyms: Hi-iro no Koku, Secret of a Housewife, Time Colored Scarlet, Scarlet Moment
Episodes: 5
Aired: Sep 18, 1999 to Sep 15, 2000

Based on the manga by Sanbun Kyouden.

A housewife gets raped by a bunch of men. As it turns out she likes it and her life becomes a succession of perverted sexual adventures.

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Genzai Byoutou

4.74/5 (23)

Title: Genzai Byoutou
Synonyms: The Ward of Original Sin
Episodes: 2
Aired: Jun 22, 1999 to Nov 18, 1999

After the death of Haruki’s mother she is taken by her until now unknown father, Shunkei, to Kazumi hospital. The nurses of this hospital seem to have purged into greed, and show absolute bondage to the doctor. Who made these women change in such a way? And which role plays there Haruki’s father?

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