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Discipline Zero

4.66/5 (58)

Title: Discipline Zero
Synonyms: Discipline Rei
Episodes: 2
Aired: Jan 29, 2010 to Jun 25, 2010

Based on the game by Active

The hit series Discipline is revived with this new original story set prior to the coming of Hayami Takuro, protagnist of the first series.

Morimoto Leona and Otokawa Saori are newly arrived boarding students at St. Alcadia Academy. Morimoto Leona desires to subjugate every person within the school, severely punishing those who are of no use to her. Even the teachers are not spared. Fellow boarders Yuuki, Ruri and Maiko, who are oblivious of the situation, fall prey to the limitless sexual desires of the male students.

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Mofuku Tsuma

4.86/5 (21)

Title: Mofuku Tsuma
Synonym: Birei Okami Mie
Episodes: 2
Aired: Oct 29, 2010 – Apr 22, 2011

Honami’s husband, an older man named Satoshi, died in their honeymoon. Honami’s dream for a happy family with him is crushed but that’s not all the trouble she has to face. Satoshi’s sister, Kayoko, sees Honami as responsible for his death and believes that she killed him so she can inherit his fortune. Now she plans on taking revenge and driving Honami away. Manabu, who was raised by Kayoko now finds himself pushed to help her on her revenge but Honami is still dedicated on fulfilling Satoshi’s family dream with what is left from his family even if she has to take Kayoko’s hate.

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Mikagura Tanteidan

4.09/5 (11)

Title: Mikagura Tanteidan
Synonyms: Katsudou Shashin, Mikagura Detective Agency
Episodes: 3
Aired: Mar 26, 2004 to Sep 24, 2004

* Based on a game by ELF

It was Taisho era. Mikagura Tokito was the director of a detective agency, which has solved a lot of cases. One day he disappeared involved in an accident.Tomoe, Shigeno, and Chizuru, who adored him, got anxious about him. Hearing that Shigeno’s elder brother had seen him at a church in a foreign country, so they travelled there hoping to meet him again.

However, it was a dead body of a priest in a church which they found there. Furthermore, they found his arms had been cut off from his body. Because they thought his death had something to do with Tokito’s disappearance, they would investigate the case. Suddenly they were attacked by men. Being involved in danger, they tried to find Tokito but will they find him?

(Source: AnimeNfo)

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Kateikyoushi no Onee-san 2 The Animation: H no Hensachi Agechaimasu

4.67/5 (12)

Title: Kateikyoushi no Onee-san 2 The Animation: H no Hensachi Agechaimasu
Total Episodes: 2
Aired: Oct 22, 2010 to Jan 28, 2011

Touya’s days with his tutors continue as his parents are out once again, leaving them all alone with him.

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