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Daily Life


Title: Momoko
Synonyms: Shocking Pink Girl Momoko
Episodes: 2
Aired:  Aug 5, 1990 to Sep 13, 1990

Kentaro, your basic salaryman, co-habits an apartment with his old study mate Haruo. He’s engaged to his boss’s daughter, the selfish Reiko. While waiting on Reiko to meet up up with him he comes across the quirky Momoko, an aspiring actress who sees herself as the future Japanese Marilyn Monroe.
Kentaro accidentally gets her fired from her side-job and Momoko knows a pefect way for him to make it up to her: she decides to move in with him and provide for all his and her needs.
Things get more complicated when Momoko gets a job with Kentaro’s company.

Based on the erotic manga by Aikawa Tetsuya

(Source: ANN)


See In AO

Title: See In AO
Episodes: 2
Aired: Jul 25, 2001 to Oct 25, 2001

There’s a story that must be told – hidden beneath the beautiful blue waves of this ocean city. Kyoya, a teacher at the Underocean school, lost his memory in an unfortunate accident that took place 3 years earlier and since then has been taken of by a beautiful young girl named Miyu.
It’s natural that Miyu would become the center of all his wildest fantasies, but Yumi has a suspicious feeling that there may be more to Kyoya than he lets on.


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