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Newmanoid Cam

Title: Newmanoid Cam: Cam Castin
Japanese Title: Newmanoid CAM キャム=キャスティン
Episodes: 1
Released Date: Apr 19, 2010

* Based on the manga by Urotan. This is the first OVA released under the new PIXY x CORE MAGAZINE label.

2030 A.D. –

In the face of growing intensification of heinous crimes committed annually, an abundant number of victims follow one after the other, even as a result of the police, who should be keeping public order in towns.
Accordingly, it was devised that man and beast would be genetically combined to oppose those who commit heinous crimes: this new race with multiple strength increases were called “Newmans.” From there, that technology was further utilized, and artificial life forms called “Newmanoids” were produced.

Cam Castin, the first Newmanoid that Professor Juubei Yanagisawa developed, adores Scott, a policeman who is a member of the security police “TCP,” and she is constantly hard at work to be useful to him.

Now, CAM and Scott are at an event where they are in charge of security. People say that there are outbreaks of crimes that take advantage of crowds.

“Oh, if we pretend to be cosplayers, then we’ll be able to investigate without sticking out.”
“W-W-W-We’re conducting undercover reconnaissance, right!?”

The two attempted undercover reconnaissance by taking advantage of being mistaken as cosplayers of a popular anime nearby.
However (as expected), a group of perverts with desires ablaze appear at CAM’s side when she is separated from Scott!!!

Source: Official Story & Visual webpage, translated by lf412

Kangoku Senkan


Title: Kangoku Senkan
Japanese Title: 監獄戦艦
Synonyms: Prison Battleship
Episodes: 4
Released Date: May 23, 2009 till Dec 30, 2010

Lieri Bishop, an up-and-coming New Solars Commander and her aide, Major Naomi Evans board a battleship to earth to report the Neo Terrors’ crimes to the Universal Federation. The captain of the ship who is of the Neo Terrors, Donny Bogan, has had a grudge on them since four years ago when they had sabotaged a kidnapping mission on earth and got him arrested. So he has his chance and brainwashes them. Now when the lights change in the battleship, their personalities switches to one that suits the crew and thats when the “sexual” party begins…

Taimanin Asagi


Title: Taimanin Asagi
Japanese Title: 対魔忍アサギ
Synonyms: Anti-Demon Hunters, Anti-Demon Ninja Asagi
Episodes: 4
Released Date: Feb 24, 2007 till Aug 23, 2008

* Based on the game by Black Lilith.

Asagi Igawa is a veteran Shinobu. After defeating an arch enemy a long time ago, she thought she could finally settle down. Yet, her arch enemy was revived from death through a pact made with the head demon in the city and swearing to take revenge on her by hurting those who are close to her. Her boyfriend, sister (a Shinobu) and her are part of the act being abused emotionally and… sexually…

(Source: ANN)

Imouto Paradise!

Title: Imouto Paradise!
Japanese Title: 妹ぱらだいす!
Total Episodes: 2
Released Date: Dec 9, 2011 till Apr 20, 2012

This new production of Murakami Teruaki, greatly known for his savage eroticism unrivaled in depictions of high-speed piston-like action and facial expressions accompanying orgasm, is, of all things, in the genre of “Younger Sister Moe”!

It has been decided that Murakami Teruaki will turn Moonstone Cherry’s “Imouto Paradise!”, a game with the concept of “masturbate to cute girls,” into an anime with the help of his direction!!

The lewd, cute younger sisters will now assertively bear down on you through the anime.

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