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Ningyo Tsukai

Title: Ningyo Tsukai
Japanese Title: 人形使い
Synonyms: Sexorcist
Episodes: 1
Released Date: May 21, 1996

* Based on the game by Forest Inc. (株式会社フォレスト)

Silhouettes are robots controlled by human thoughts, originally created to help mankind. When human thoughts turn lustful, Silhouettes can be very dangerous. Rika and Sandy, two Silhouette scientists, are drawn into the world of sex crime, to uncover the evil men who have perverted their creations and they will become the next victims of the lusty Silhouettes.

(Source: ANN)

Stainless Night

Title: Stainless Night
Japanese Title: ステンレスナイト
Episodes: 2
Released Date: Dec 22, 1995 till Mar 22, 1996

* Based on the manga by Amagi Kei

After ten years of dormancy, Linea awakes from a capsule in the countryside of Japan. Without any memories, she wanders into a small research center staffed by three beautiful women. One of the researchers, Sayako, is entranced by the strange woman and leaves her present lover. Sayako takes Linea to bed, and finds that her abilities are beyond that of any ordinary woman.

(Source: ANN)


Mezzo Forte

Title: Mezzo Forte
Japanese Title: メゾフォルテ
Episodes: 2
Released Date: May 25, 2000 till Jun 25, 2001

For Mikura, danger is routine and killing is just like breathing. Sleek and sexy, she was born with a gun in each hand and a smile on her face. She specializes in taking risks, but things get a little too hot when her company takes a kidnapping job. The target is a wealthy baseball team owner named Momokichi, but he turns out to be a powerful underworld boss. Mikura and her team are beset by countless heavily armed bodyguards and Momokichi’s vicious daughter, Momomi. She’s used to getting her way, and with world class marksmanship skills, she may be the perfect match for Mikura.


Shameshrine Andorora

Title: Shameshrine Andorora
Japanese Title: 恥宮のアンドローラ
Synonyms: Super Sexy Android
Episodes: 1
Released Date: Jun 15, 2001

Our sexy Android, Pinky, is a super spy robot which processes data a hundred times faster than any humans capability, and has much more intellect. As she was being shipped by the Japanese military, she was accidentally activated without a normal operating circuit. She was unaware of what happened, until she met a man named Kenichi. In a unique way, Kenichi reprograms her to operate in sex mode. She is now his sex slave.


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