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Mahou Shoujo Ai


Title: Mahou Shoujo Ai
Japanese Title: 魔法少女アイ
Synonyms: Sexy Magical Girl Ai, Maho Shojo Ai
Episodes: 5
Released Date: Aug 25, 2003 till Feb 25, 2005

* Based on a game by Colors.

In a certain town, there were consecutive phantom assaults. Because the incidents were extraordinarily, there was a rumor that a ghost or supernatural creature caused them. The students in the school which Akitoshi went to were frightened. One day, an unknown girl appeared in the school. However, all the students except Akitoshi thought they had known her. Feeling strange, he shadowed her in order to investigate her but he lost sight of her. At that moment, he heard the scream of a woman from the nearby material yard and went to the place where the scream came from. There he found the beautiful girl of the school, Mikage. Mikage was surrounded by monsters “Yuragi” (fluctuation), and she was hanged naked. Yuragi noticed Akitoshi and began to attack him. Then, the fighter, Ai, appeared and cut them down.
Akitoshi stared at Ai. What was her true character, an enemy or an ally?

(Source: AnimeNfo)

Injuu Gakuen La Blue Girl

Title: Injuu Gakuen La Blue Girl
Japanese Title: 淫獣学園 La Blue Girl
Synonyms: La Blue Girl
Episodes: 6
Released Date: Jun 26, 1992 till Sep 10, 1993

It began centuries ago, when the Miroku ninja clan made a deal with the forces of the underworld, leading to centuries of struggle between rival clans. And now, after more than 600 years of peace, the denizens of the underworld are about to get a new boss.

Now, 18-year-old ninja in training Midou Miko is entrusted with the family business: making sure that sex-starved demons stay out of humanity’s way! What does a ninja do? Fight, with every battle skill and sexual sorcery she can muster!

D+vine Luv


Title: D+vine Luv
Japanese Title: D+VINE[LUV][ディヴァイン ラヴ]
Synonyms: Dvine [Luv]
Total Episodes: 4
Released Date: May 25, 2001 till Feb 22, 2002

* Based on the game by Abogado Powers.

Hyde is a traveling treasure hunter who arrived in Arville with his childhood friend Sakura. Near Arville is a cave, its the largest ruin of the world. Hyde came across a dying man, whom placed a mysterious amulet within Hyde’s hands. A week later, the amulet started to glow.

(Source: ANN)

Choukou Tenshi Escalayer

Title: Choukou Tenshi Escalayer
Japanese Title: 超昂天使エスカレイヤー
Synonyms: Beat Angel Escalayer
Total Episodes: 3
Released Date: Sep 27, 2002 till Mar 28, 2003

* Based on a game by Alice Soft.

Kouenji Sayuka is an Escalayer, a guardian android powered by a “Doki Doki Dynamo” that gives her super powers when she’s turned on. But when lesbian sex with her able assistant Madoka stops doing the trick, Sayuka needs some help to save the world. To make matters worse, the forces of darkness have sent a new android to earth, and she’s equipped with some “optional extras” attached. Enter Yanase Kyouhei, a young student with no shortage of bedmates. Can Kyouhei bring Sayuka to new heights of pleasure before her new enemy attacks?


Taimanin Yukikaze

Title: Taimanin Yukikaze
Japanese Title: 対魔忍ユキカゼ
Total Episodes: 3
Released Date: Nov 29, 2013 till Jan 29, 2016

Yukikaze, a student at a ninja training academy, learns new demon-fighting techniques. One day, she and her friend Akiyama Rinko decide to infiltrate an evil organization in hopes of finding Yukikaze’s mother; however, to do so, there is a great price they have to pay…

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