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Issunboushi (OVA)

3.86/5 (7)

Title: Issunboushi (OVA)
Synonyms: The Erotic Adventures Of Tom Thumb
Episodes: 2
Aired: Jun 8, 2007 to Sep 14, 2007

The Erotic Adventures Of Tom Thumb follows the adventures of Issunbashi, a man who, after waking up from a nightmare, discovers that he has shrunk down to a minuscule few inches. But being small has significant advantages as Issunbashi can now explore the female anatomy in an entirely different and unusual fashion.

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Ooedo Forty Eight

4.25/5 (8)

Title: Ooedo Forty Eight
Synonyms: Ooedo Shijuu Hachite, Ooedo Shijuuhatte
Episodes: 3
Aired: Sep 29, 2007 to Feb 22, 2008

The action takes place in Ooedo Japan, when geishas and public houses appeared. Back then, girls raised in poor provincial families had little chances to get married successfully. The only opportunity to improve financial and social status for them was to move to Ooedo, the city of wealthy clans, and to become a servant or a geisha – and, perhaps, a lover of a rich feudal. Young and poor Ushizu has chosen this very path.

Alongside, this hentai is a sort of Japanese Kama Sutra. The end of each part contains the description of sexual positions.

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4.76/5 (21)

Title: Jokutsuma
Synonyms: Humiliated Wives
Episodes: 2
Aired: Dec 10, 2007 to Aug 31, 2008

Based on game by Love juice.


The intimidating Shigeki Kagami runs a loan company. Because he’ll do anything to collect his money, he strikes fear in the hearts of creditors everywhere. Sometimes, he will accept sex with creditor’s wives as payment if they can’t pay up in a timely manner. Once these hapless women are in his possession, fear is replaced by lust and the humiliated wives soon become his sex slaves.

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Yakata Jukujo

4.77/5 (22)

Title: Yakata Jukujo
Synonyms: Milf Mansion
Episodes: 2
Aired: Dec 7, 2007

Ryo and his stepmother Madoka lived happily together, lusting after each other but content to just watch each other from a distance without doing anything about it. Until one day Ryo discovered that his stepmom was indebted to the Yotsuya family. In order to help her he offered to sell himself and work for Akie Yotsuya, the head of the family. But he had no idea what awaited him in the mansion… At first it was just Ryo, Akie, and Fumi, the maid. But soon two more people moved in: Reiko, Akie’s sister… and Madoka, Ryo’s mother. And as time passed Ryo discovered that the four women he was sharing the mansion with are connected in more ways than one…

(Source: ANN)

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