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yay0iTitle: Yayoi
Japanese Title: 弥生
Episodes: 1
Released Date: Dec 28, 1997

Doujin video produced by noted ero mangaka and erogame character designer Shinda Mane based on one of his Union of the Snake doujinshi featuring the cute yuri police girls he was rather fond of.

Originally released on VHS at the 53rd Comiket in Winter 1997.

Pendant 4.63/5 (115)

Title: Pendant
Japanese Title: ペンダント
Episodes: 3
Released Date: Aug 21, 1997 to Nov 25, 1998

Every episode of this OVA series has another story.

In the first OVA the main character Tomoya returns from America back to Japan, when he gets in trouble. His first great love – Miyuki – mistakes him for a pervert and the next thing he knows is that he’s at the police station. When it turns out that it was only a misunderstanding, Miyuki wants to apologize to Tomoya, but at the same his old and pretty friend Anna is visiting him from America. One misunderstanding follows the other… A complicated, but erotic story takes its turn.

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Mahou Shoujo Meruru 4.69/5 (26)

Title: Mahou Shoujo Meruru
Synonyms: Magic Woman M
Episodes: 2
Aired: Jan 21, 1997 to Apr 25, 1998

A newly trained young sorceress name Meruru gets lost in the forest in the middle of the training, and has numerous lurid encounters with unsavory characters and lustful beasts. When aroused, Meruru attains the state of ultimate ecstasy and unleashes an explosive power from within.

(Source: Wikipedia)


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MaMa 4.67/5 (51)

Title: MaMa
Synonyms: Mama Mia!
Episodes: 2
Aired: Jun 30, 1997 to Jul 20, 1997

Yuichi feels lost and alone—until two seductive women offer him comfort! He can’t choose between these lovely ladies, and they wouldn’t want him to. In fact, they want nothing more than to teach Yuichi to be the master of his own destiny… and theirs!


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