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Koakuma Kanojo The Animation

4.52/5 (44)

Title: Koakuma Kanojo The Animation
Episodes: 2
Aired: Dec 20, 2013 to Feb 26, 2016

There’s a rumor about a DVD that curses anyone who watches it. Though no one seems to believe in the curse few are brave enough to see what’s on the DVD…

Akuno Mika watches the DVD… and gets transformed into a succubus. She tries to keep the change a secret but loses control when her crush Kazuya approaches her…

Later, Kana agrees to watch the DVD after two of her friends ask her. As a result of the curse she grows something regular women don’t have. Her sister Mai tries to help her get back to normal, but the two get more than they bargained for…


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Little Monica Monogatari

4.22/5 (18)

Title: Little Monica Monogatari
Synonyms: The Story of Little Monica
Episodes: 2
Aired: Apr 5, 2002 to Jul 5, 2002

Will, an orphan originally from Little Monica, a city of culture and arts, returns to a place he hasn’t been in since his childhood to contribute to it and have a reunion with his childhood friend, Celia. What he doesn’t know is that during his long absence, things have changed for the worse and Little Monica, once a city of high culture has become a capital of degeneration. The question is can Will resist the temptations offered by the city or will he succumb to it. With a little help from Celia and her sisters Tina and Mei, as well Miss Meow, they just might succeed in returning Little Monica to its former glory.

(Source: ANN)

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4.52/5 (27)

Title: Amanee!
Episodes: 1
Aired: Dec 20, 2013

Based on the same name adult manga by Shiomaneki.

Ryouichi goes to his friend Yuu’s place to play video games, like they do sometimes. It turns out that Yuu’s aunt Yui has come to visit, and she joins them. But it soon becomes clear that it’s not a video game she wants to play with Ryouichi…


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