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Shin Angel

4.5/5 (8)

Title: Shin Angel
Synonyms: New Angel
Episodes: 5
Aired: Oct 21, 1994 to Nov 22, 1995

Kousuke is a high school student. He just recently found out that his childhood friend Shizuka (whom he has a crush on) is now going to his high school. However, they haven’t seen each other since they were five and much has changed. They don’t like each other at first but they accept each other’s differences and continue their friendship. They go on with their lives until small events start to escalate and they start to show affection for each other. In the meantime, Kousuke’s good heart, lechery and luck lead him into the beds of various other young women, in his attempts to solve their problems.

(Source: ANN)

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Netorare Fighter Yaricchingu!

4.76/5 (34)

Title: Netorare Fighter Yaricchingu!
Episodes: 3
Aired: Jul 16, 2010 to Feb 18, 2011

Ai has been captured and is held hostage at a luxury ship, Harry goes to her rescue but when he arrives he witnesses Ai’s humiliation at the hands of Onizaki and his goons.

Harry and his friends cant do anything but witness Ai being sexually abused, what’s worst Ai will be the main attraction in the ships “special ring”…

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My Life As

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Title: My Life As
Synonyms: My Life as a Chicken, My Life As…
Episodes: 1
Aired: Jul 22, 1999

It’s been six months since Yasunari ran away from home. He is saved from the streets by Fumi and Rino (Aurora Snow), and ends up living with them as their pet. Along with his friend Chie (Britttany Andrews), he is introduced to a new world of S & M, and group sex. He publishes his new sexual experience in a magazine, which ends up in the hands of his brother, Tomoyasu.

Tomoyasu is desperate to find his brother. He is seriously upset after finding that his brother is enjoying his new life as a pet. When a new tutor, Serina, arrives unexpectedly, he takes out his anger and fustration of his broken home on Serina by forcing himself on her. Unknown to Tomoyasu, Serina is the friend of Yasunari’s three masters!

(Source: AniDB)

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