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Soreyuke Marin-chan 4.67/5 (12)

Title: Soreyuke Marin-chan
Synonyms: Marine A Go-Go
Episodes: 3
Aired: Dec 14, 2001 to Mar 28, 2003

This 3 part hentai bishoujo OVA series is about an evil doctor that tries to collect the sperm of 100 guys, and the woman, Marin, that tries to stop her evil sister from accomplishing this. Based on the hentai manga of the same name.

“For the bright future of Japan, I shall take your semen!”

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Asgaldh: The Distortion Testament 4.82/5 (11)

Title: Asgaldh: The Distortion Testament
Synonyms: F-Force
Episodes: 3
Aired: Oct 26, 2001 to Apr 5, 2002

The gorgeous, supernaturally powered Alicia has been kidnapped by demons and enslaved for their unspeakably perverted pleasures. Her only hope for survival is a team of busty barbarians known as the F-Force. Each fabulous fighting female has her own style and deadly weapon of choice, but all share a love of danger and excitement – and there will be plenty of both as they fight to rescue their comrade from the ravages of evil!

(Source: RightStuf)

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Angel Blade Punish! 4.71/5 (35)

Title: Angel Blade Punish!
Episodes: 3
Aired: Dec 29, 2004 to Sep 9, 2005

Moena was a normal college girl until she discovered that she had special powers hidden within her body by her father. When Dark Mother and her army of sexy demom women threaten the virgins of the world, Moena transforms into the naked masked heroine Angel Blade. Moena’s stepmother, the weightly endowed Kyoka, is kidnapped by Dark Mother. With the help of a team of barely dressed heroines, Angel Blade storms the demon’s stronghold. With the help of the dark-skinned succubus Nail, a former villian, they reach the heart of evil and face off with Dark Mother herself.

(Source: ANN)

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