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Upcoming August 2018

Upcoming August Hentai

Daisuki na Haha (Episode 1) August 3, 2018 [Bunnywalker]
Elf no Oshiego to Sensei (Episode 1) August 3, 2018 [Mary Jane]
Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru (Episode 5) August 10, 2018 [Majin]
Hasande Ageru (Episode 1) August 24, 2018 [Queen Bee]
Kunoichi Botan (Episode 1) August 27, 2018 [SELFISH]
Ane Chijo Max Heart (Episode 1) August 31, 2018 [PoRO]
Inkou Kyoushi 4 feat. Ero Giin-sensei Namaiki Hamedoru Friends (Episode 2) August 31, 2018 [PoRO]
Kunoichi Botan (Episode 2) August 31, 2018 [SELFISH]
Real Eroge Situation! The Animation (Episode 2) August 31, 2018 [Pink Pineapple]


Dokidoki Little Ooyasan

Title: Dokidoki Little Ooyasan
Japanese Title: dokidokiりとる大家さん
Released Date: May 25, 2018 till ?

Based on game by 14rabbits.

Tanaka moved into a cheap but slightly rundown apartment. The charm of this apartment however was not the rent or amenities…

On rent day every month you get “service” from the landlady, who even though she appears to be young is quite a bit older than Tanaka. This service is full service! If you give the rent you get to have your way with the landlady!


Houkago no Yuutousei

Title: Houkago no Yuutousei
Japanese Title: 放課後の優等生
Episodes: 2
Released Date: May 25, 2018 till Jul 20, 2018

*Based on manga by Sasamori Tomoe.

Our protagonist is a helper at his uncle’s inn on an island. On this island being in a relationship is frowned upon, but the girls still have lustful tendencies… Two honor students decide that they are going to use our protagonist as an outlet for their sexual frustration! Anytime the girls wanted sex they got it. These were supposed to be wholesome and clean honor students, not sex crazed monsters!

Source: hanime


Eiken: Eikenbu yori Ai o Komete

Title: Eiken: Eikenbu yori Ai o Komete
Japanese Title: エイケン エイケンヴより愛をこめて
Episodes: 2
Released: Jun 25, 2003 to Jun 23, 2004

Zasshono Academy is a very large private school with a total of 54,000 students from elementary level, to junior high and high school. Among the large number of club activities at the school, one club is quite unique: The Eiken Club. The activities of this club are shrouded in mystery, and strangely enough all the members are excessively busty, headstrong female students, like Shinonome Chiharu, the top scorer in the entrance exam.

The newly arrived high school boy, Mifune Densuke, is forced to join the Eiken Club, and in an instant, his dull life so far turns up-side down, with intense passion, romance and much trouble!

Source: AnimeNfo

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