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Sweet Home: H na Onee-san wa Suki Desu ka?

4.89/5 (57)

Title: Sweet Home: H na Onee-san wa Suki Desu ka?
Total Episodes: 3
Aired: Feb 18, 2011 to Jul 22, 2011

Ryuichi is a university student. He used to live alone and enjoyed his school life. But one day, his apartment was destroyed by a fire…. He reluctantly comes back to his house. But his house has been changed to a boarding house for girls…! It seems there is no place for him to live. But they all allow him to stay there together! His new life begins like this….

(Source: Himeya Shop)

Label: Celeb

Format: mp4
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Subbed / Uncensored

Episode 1     
Episode 2     
Episode 3     

Subbed / Censored

Episode 1    
Episode 2    
Episode 3    

Raw / Uncensored

Episode 1       
Episode 2       
Episode 3       

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  1. Can you add episode 2 and 3 uncensored with sub

    1. added episode 2 and 3 uncensored subbed version.

      1. Why there are no longer links to download on uncensored of this hentai. Usercloud.

  2. Third episode link to subbed doesn’t work please fix

    1. what third episode are you referring to? 🙂

      1. Episode 3 Subbed/Censored
        I’m using my phone links won’t work thanks in advance

        1. Actually nvm it’s fixed I just can’t get past the ads that’s all dude

  3. looks like old Hentai like this will not get on “Latest Updates” tab/frame…..
    must search manually

    1. ya 🙁 latest updates prioritize latest hentai release, up to date. 🙂

      1. is there ways to Feeds (RSS) your website?

        so I can keep tracking this website

        1. i will add it soon 🙂

          1. yes please, I hope I can feeds Mp4 Hentai posts and comments

            that would be great 😀

  4. can you add uncensored with sub version? so i can delete old censored one

    1. added uncen episode 1 subbed and episode 2-3 uncen raw version.

  5. Can you add more uncensored

  6. when i try to download it in tustfile it always says webpage is not available :/

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