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Otome Dori 4.36/5 (50)

Title: Otome Dori
Total Episodes: 2
Aired: May 25, 2012 to Sep 28, 2012

Okino Kazuki is a normal student who is happy with his staid life. There are two important girls in his life: his sister, Rinka; and childhood friend Sakuragi Otome.

His elder by one year, Otome is a beauty and the dream of every guy in school. Although Otome and Kazuki aren’t a couple, they hang out with each other constantly and get along very well. In fact, Kazuki believes that as long as things proceed as they currently are, the two of them will eventually be together as a couple, and even marry.

However, Kazuki’s faith is shattered one day when he receives a damning DVD…

(Source: AniDB)

Label: Mary Jane
Other: Mesu Nochi Torare

Format: mp4
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Episode 1      
Episode 2       

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  1. I don’t know why but I cry after watching this one…
    Anyway I think the animation great…

  2. The art is quite good, story is trash unless someone enjoy it. All in all as long as this have ahegao face and good art, its a good fapping material.

    1. yeah the story is total bullshit

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