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Title: Visionary
Synonyms: Vixens
Episodes: 3
Aired: Aug 25, 1995 to Apr 21, 1996

Episodes 1-2: (“SM Snake”, “Miracle Alien”)
Using his computer, a frustrated 19-year-old computer nerd accidentally summons a sexy android named Doreimon from the 22nd century! Using her futuristic powers, she’ll try to help him score with the woman of his dreams by “compensating” him for his shortcomings!

Episode 3: (“Skydiving in Love”)
Koban and Sameo have a very strange arrangement. Koban gets Sameo’s leftovers, but he also pays for Sameo’s dates! One day, Koban rescues a pretty girl named Shiori from an attacker in the park. Koban immediately falls for Shiori, but is too shy to say anything. Sameo then proceeds to set up Koban and Shiori… on a skydiving date!

Episode 4: (“New Century Queen”)
Mai Inoue desperately wants to become a showbiz personality, and she’s ready to do just about anything to make her dream come true. Mai decides to join the upcoming beauty pagent “New Century Queen”, where claiming the title may be her ticket to fame. To improve her chances, Mai decides to get acquainted with the handsome producer Akagi. But Akagi has plans of his own…

Episode 5: (“The Vampire Tradition”)
Beautiful co-eds are disappearing from St. Stoker University. Witnesses report seeing shadowy, bat-winged creatures in the night. The Student President suspects… vampires! When her friends are kidnapped, Kanna—a 19-year-old transfer student from Europe—must reveal her true identity!

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