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Momone 4.71/5 (21)

Title: Momone
Episodes: 1
Aired: Jan 25, 1998

A different college professor, Momone, has disturbing dreams of sexual deviation from her youth. She brushes the memory aside and makes her way to class. Along the way, every boy eyes her and has horny thoughts about the stacked teacher. The captain of the basketball team really likes her, but his rival Hino has other plans. When Momone seizes a porn mag from some boys, Hino claims it’s his, and asks if it makes her hot. Back in her apartment, Momone looks through the magazine, which does turn her on. Hino makes a grand entrance, and dominates his professor, forcing Momone to be his bitch. The next day, under instructions from Hino, Momone wears no underwear. It’s part of Hino’s plan to truly make Momone his own. And boy, he’s not very nice about it, either!

Label: Secret Anima

Format: mp4

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