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Words Worth Gaiden

4.33/5 (9)

Title: Words Worth Gaiden
Episodes: 2
Aired: Jul 25, 2002 to Sep 25, 2002

The skill of sword-fighting is known to two tribes, the Tribes of Light (which consists of humans living on the world’s surface) and Shadow (mostly part humans, part animals or monsters living in an underground city, who also seem to age at half the normal speed of the Light tribe). The two tribes lived in peace and harmony, their domains separated by the “Words Worth” tablet—a huge monolith slab erected by a guardian spirit. Although the tablet has writing on it, neither Tribe can read the text. One day, Words Worth was mysteriously destroyed by an unknown entity; its component parts scattered among the domain of the Tribes of Shadow.

The two Tribes blamed each other for the tablet’s destruction, and started a war that has been on-going for 100 years.

Astral, prince of the Tribe of Shadow, desires to become a Swordsman of Shadow but his father, King Wortoshika, forbids him to do so. He is engaged to Sharon, a beautiful swordswoman who generally like Astral but wishes he was stronger.

Label: Green Bunny

Format: mp4

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  1. bro if the female partner is older there is not? and the story is not rape

    1. im not sure, but i see a bit there is a boy companion, not sure with rape i think it has no rape.

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