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Title: Yu-No
Episodes: 4
Aired: Oct 23, 1998 to Sep 24, 1999

Takuya’s father died during an accident while he was doing research. Worried about his young stepmother, Ayumi, takuya follows her to Ken point. Watching her and her best friend, Mitsuki, from behind a rock, a sudden flash of light turns into an unearthly beautiful woman. The mysterious woman slips a ring on his finger, and Takuya’s travels into a parallel world begins.

This ring is the key between Takuya and his different realities.


Label: Pink Pineapple

Format: mp4

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  1. all links confirmed down,
    i shall wait for the kind sir to reupload the title,
    this site really amazing.

    1. links are now updated.

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    1. what do you mean? cant understand :)

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