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Rankou Choukyou: Maid ni Natta Shoujo 4.74/5 (23)

Title: Rankou Choukyou: Maid ni Natta Shoujo
Synonyms: Rancou Chokyo – Orgy Training
Episodes: 1
Aired: Nov 18, 2001

Born into a wealthy family, a young man is overpowered by his brute, cruel father. Shy and inexperienced, his first date turns out badly after he is rejected when trying to have sex with his date. Feeling depressed, he is walking to school when he comes across a beautiful girl, lost in his neighborhood. He soon finds out that she is the new family maid. Knowing his father`s predatory ways, the boy sits helplessly as his father rapes the new maid later that night. When the girl brings him dinner one day, the boy is overcome by his desire for her, and tries to have his way with her. Will he be able to confess his feelings for her, or will he turn out to be a predatory man just like his father? Will the girl accept his advances? What will fate bring for the girl and the boy?

Label: Five Ways (Wide Road)

Format: mp4

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  1. Bro its not uncensored
    Its censored

    1. checked, seems its uncensored.

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