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Monmusu Quest!

4.67/5 (82)

Title: Monmusu Quest!
Japanese Title: もんむす・くえすと
Released Date: Jan 27, 2017 to


Format: mp4

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Episode 1      
Episode 2        


Episode 1      
Episode 2      

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Updated: February 26, 2017 — 11:54 pm


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  1. Finally the OVA. Thanks so much for posting them!

    Maybe they took the beginning of the story and stopped just after Granberia’s fight? And after that maybe they showed how some Game Over could be great, right?
    After all, the beginning is here we have the introduction of the plot and major characters like Ilias, Alice and one of the Heavenly Knight. We also have two very funny battles with the slime and the slug.
    It would be a great way to please fans AND introduced new players, right?

    So at the end what did they chose? The plot? The porn? Both?
    They chose Porn. With no plot.
    A lot of us are probably a bit disappointed. I was.
    But the Porn is really good.

    However it wasn’t very appealing to see Luka becoming a corpse…
    The voices change doesn’t really bother me since we didn’t really hear them speaking in the game.
    But still, they managed to make Erubetie ecstatic when we know she was inexpressive and spoke with a very strange monotonous tone which was her own particularity in the game.
    And we have Luka’s voice. Some shota have a young boyish voice but here Luka has a really too feminine voice… I don’t even know who’s moaning sometimes…

    And this strange new (at least not in the trilogy) powerful looking character had being introduced. I really don’t understand the meaning of her presence…
    You had everything to appeal people: great characters, great story and porn.
    You chose porn, don’t create useless new plot!

  2. It’s not that simple to draw hentai with Minagi

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