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Rinkan Biyaku Chuudoku: Nigeba Nashi! 1428-nin no Seito Zenin ni Sex Sareru Reijou Sayaka

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Title: Rinkan Biyaku Chuudoku: Nigeba Nashi! 1428-nin no Seito Zenin ni Sex Sareru Reijou Sayaka
Japanese Title: 輪姦媚薬中毒 ~逃げ場無し! 1428人の生徒全員にSEXされる令嬢沙也香~
Episodes: 2
Released Date: Oct 23, 2015 to Dec 4, 2015

She was a pretty girl you might find in any town. Most people would look and see an innocent. Not one guy. One guy imagined her begging, tearful face and got aroused.

He didn’t even realize how deep his sadist desires went. He began to stalk her. He looked for anything to feed the fantasy that she was a dirty whore. A justification. And then, a single DVD arrived in the mail.

The DVD was a secret gathering in the home of a wealthy family,
where adults helped themselves to a young girl. The young girl was Sayaka. The sex was rougher than anything he’d ever seen.

Several days later, the person who sent the DVD
made a request. “I know who you are. I want an amateur with your sort of perverse interests to do some training.”
A drug was provided. It was a drug used to make the gathering video. Sayaka lived for it. She existed to taste it.
Her hunger for the drug made her beg and plead…
The desire that marinated his sadist heart now aimed at her.

(Source: dlsite)

Label: White Bear

Format: mp4

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Episode 1      
Episode 2      


Episode 1 
Episode 2   

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  1. thanks for this hentai

  2. i can’ t download anythin from all the link in three lates update is corrupted ” mirror,tussfilie,deposit

    1. links seems ok. try to download again.

  3. Hmmmm, i need a suggestion for this website

  4. subbed version updated.

  5. Is this webside still in use?
    Or is it down?….

  6. Subtitles are OUT, Dude!

  7. I’m gonna wait here, until the subbed is released.


  8. AAaaargh, why’re they dont do the translation?!

  9. where s the link?

      1. when will subbed version be out senpai?

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