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Oni Chichi: Refresh

4.55/5 (193)

Title: Oni Chichi: Refresh
Japanese Title: 鬼父 Refresh
Released Date: Aug 14, 2015 to

Label: Petit PoRO

Format: mp4

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Episode 1        
Episode 2        
Episode 3        
Episode 4      


Episode 1     
Episode 2     
Episode 3       
Episode 4       

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  1. do you know when the 4th episode will be released?

    1. no date yet.

    1. updated the links.

  2. will this have 3rd episode?

    1. possible, yes…

  3. Nothing really surprises me any more NTR, sex slave, adultery, rape etcetra. I have come to accept everything as a daily routine.

  4. Add anafile link admin

    1. anafile having problem so not using for now.

  5. Hoping for lifeguard scene in next episode,airi should just leave dad

  6. It’s all up to producers whim now.

  7. It would be disheartening, if after all that romantic devlopment airi would leave his dad.

    1. i sense highly posibility for a scene with the lifeguard if there will be 2nd episode after the rescue :) lets see for the next episode if airi will end up will the lifeguard or stick to dad :)

  8. When is d subbed version gonna be out?

  9. Where is part 2? …

    1. for episode 2, not sure when.

  10. Well is it too hot or it`s just me phewww…

    1. well….sort of :3 …just cliffhang in the end :)

  11. its new chichi,cooll

  12. waw.. another chichi

  13. Here it is the glorious hentai that every hentai guys knows about these days.Brings back my old memories of musterbating while were at the pool with my hot cousin and almost caught phewww…..

    Is it alright senpai to be commentator hehehe

    1. feel free to comment :D

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