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Famiresu Senshi Purin

3.22/5 (9)

Title: Famiresu Senshi Purin
Synonyms: Sex Warrior Pudding
Total Episodes: 3
Aired: May 25, 2004 to Feb 25, 2005

By a sudden order from this father, Shuta happened to work as the manager of the family restaurant, A la mode. There Nishino Purin, whom he had adored, was also working. Though he spent dreamlike days in which he was served sexual treatment by the cute clerks, it didn’t last long. He knew another face of the A la mode, it was an organization to protect the Earth.

To his surprise, they were the fighters who protected the peace of the Earth. They wielded the Kokoro-energy, which is the energy generated by putting their minds and Shuta’s together in order to fight against the evil syndicate, Libido-Kingdom. Will Shuta and the Famires (short for Family Restaurant) fighters be able to save the peace of the Earth while dipping into this harem situation?

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Label: Milky

Format: MP4
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